Recent Image from active camera

Web Camera Images at ERDC/CRREL

 Recent images from active cameras

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Recent image from active camera

Currently or soon to be active cameras


Real time weather data sites


 4 cameras at Sandpoint, ID   Cameras from Soo, Michigan. Soo    
Camera at Riley Creek LaClede, ID   Camera showing the St.Regis river in NY St.Regis river camera  

Fort Richardson, AK

  2 cameras at River View Bible camp Cusick, WA  Camera located in Bismarck ND Bismarck Camera  
 camera located Kalispel Usk,WA Camera Located at Oil Creek PA Accumulated freezing degree-days (AFDD) are calculated by summing the difference (32 - Ta), where Ta is the daily average air temperature.  Selected stations for USA AFDD
Camera Located at Cazenovia Creek NY Camera Located Salmon CT
Camera located in Barre Plains, MA on the Ware river

Live Video, time lapse Camera

Cameras located on the St Clair  river Live Views from around our Labs. Camera 1, Camera 2  
  Time-lapse  from past 24 hrs of Soo Locks    

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